I often get asked, “How are you always so happy?” As I self reflect on the question, I usually come up with a variety of answers: maybe my strong faith, possibly my desire to approach life generally with a positive attitude, maybe my gratitude to so many people in my life (family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances) that have been so helpful to me throughout my life, or maybe it’s because I feel very blessed to be a teacher at this point in my life. You know, I think it’s really all of the above!!! 👍😁🥰

Last week was full of great examples of what helps me stay happy.

To kick-start the week, I had the opportunity to spend time with the Kellogg Dallas Alumni Club, which is a fantastic group. Their enthusiasm is electric. It is always a treat for me to spend time with Kellogg alumni, and this was no exception! (By the way, as a challenge to all Kellogg Alumni Clubs, the Dallas club claims to be the #1 Kellogg alumni club! 💪)

I also had the opportunity to lead a men’s spiritual workshop at St. Clement’s Parish in Chicago for Father Peter that set a fantastic tone for the week. To see so many men focused on how they could be better spouses, fathers, and leaders provided me with much more energy than I gave them.

On Tuesday I was fortunate to teach a leadership class to 100 leaders of a Brazilian company through simultaneous translation. Getting an understanding of the current economic challenges in Brazil and Latin America and comparing it to the situation in the US was fascinating.

Then on Wednesday night I taught my values-based leadership class to my Kellogg students. The focus of that session was on “Leading with Values,” and we discussed what “values” really mean to each of us as leaders in the current world environment.

Then on Thursday I flew to teach EMBA 126 in Coral Gables! What a high energy group of Kellogg students! I look forward to spending more time with them before they graduate this December.

Finally, on Friday Julie and I headed to Montana to attend the wedding of the son of one of my best friends… and of course, packed our dancing shoes!!! 🕺💃

This and more I’m ever grateful for 😁