A Loyal Cubs fan warning: Wait till next year!!!

Well, what can I say? When you finish 14 games below 500 and 19 games behind the first place St. Louis Cardinals, the only thing that comes to mind is “thank goodness the year is over!!!” 😢

However, don’t take the comments above to sound like I am depressed. After all, please remember that it was only six short years ago (2016) that my Chicago Cubs were WORLD CHAMPIONS!!! For those not familiar (or with short memories), that was the first time in 108 years we were World Champions…..so why should we expect them to win again so soon?

My daughter, Shannon, and I were at Wrigley for the last game of the year the other day, and we enjoyed every minute of the game. (Note the World Series hats)👍😁

Here’s the honest truth….I LOVE baseball. It is the only sport I ever played. I was not a great player, but I loved the game…..the field, the strategy, the statistics…..the entire experience.

I realize that many people find baseball boring and believe the game needs to be sped up because it is “too slow and there is no time clock.” No way! That is one of the things I love about the game.

Why? Well, I think our lives are constantly forced to move faster and faster, and we confuse activity and productivity. Instant gratification seems to be the answer to everything. When we are working, we are constantly on the clock…..but at a baseball game…..time to take it all in, no clock, if the game goes into extra innings, fantastic!! The game will end when the game is over! And in the meantime, enjoy every minute. Why speed it up? What’s the hurry?

I cannot wait until the season starts next April, and when it does, as Ernie Banks used to say with a big smile, “let’s play two!!!”

And remember….”wait until next year”……a miracle could happen again🙏

One comment

  • our est Father-in-law

    Really good picture of Shannon– – – – – – – — – -I am glad for you that you can go someplace without that big heavy brief case and just sit back and relax or do you take it with,you and practice your multi-tasking efforts?


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