I had the pleasure of sitting in your “Becoming a Values Based Leader” session at the AFT Fall Summit this past week. I just wanted to say what an amazing presentation you gave. As a 24-year-old with a passion to become a great leader, that was a very valuable hour for me. I’ve already started incorporating some of your advice into my day-to-day life. I also want to say that you’re the first person who has been able to clearly articulate an idea I strongly believe in, which is: If tomorrow we were to be stripped of our fortunes, status, job titles, etc., what kind of person would you be? Hopefully we can all answer with: “the same person I am today.” I never want to rely on money or power to build relationships or influence others, but rather by demonstrating the principles you discussed in order to gain true respect from others. Long story short, your presentation strongly resonated with me and I appreciate you making the time to join us in Utah! Hopefully our paths cross again soon.

Kassie Grecula
September 21, 2017

“Professor Kraemer, I heard you speak last night at Salesforce.com in SF and want to share how much I enjoyed the topic, your delivery, and most importantly your message. You arrived at Kellogg after I left so I did not get the pleasure of taking one of your classes; if last night is indicative it is clear I graduated too early.”

Jeff Oster
July 10, 2015

“I worked in the Baxter Bioscience division from September, 2000, to December 2006, so for at least a few years I had the privilege to work in an organization lead by Harry. It is gratifying and affirming to see Harry still holds to the values he represented and promoted back then. It was a sad day when he left Baxter, but the work he has done with Madison Dearborn, and his work as a teacher and leader, remain a continuing inspiration to us all. Well done, Harry. Thank you.”

Isaac Young, Senior Director, Supply Chain Operations BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.
June 22, 2015

“Harry Kraemer shared four hours of common sense in the form of spellbinding storytelling that was anything but common, and seemed like 20 minutes. He integrated every question and comment into his discussion. Then Leigh Thompson caught the attention of some experienced negotiators with a hands-on case study that was followed by the executive summary of a semester-long course. Nobody will start negotiating purely from his own perspective again!”

Frank Cesario, CFO, Nanophase Technologies Corporation
June 30, 2014

“There is no question that this was an outstanding event with very practical advice and encouragement to improve our leadership and negotiating skills as it relates to all aspects of our lives. This certainly was a wonderful continuous learning event!”

Jerry Novotny, Controller and Consultant,
Environmental Systems Design, Inc.
June 30, 2014

“Wow, phenomenal all-day session at Northwestern/Kellogg…Easily the best FEI event in 10+ years. The trip to Evanston is not as painful as it looks and even if it was it would have been worth it. Harry Kraemer and Leigh Thompson were sensational. Thanks to all who helped make it happen! Hopefully this was the first annual.”

Steve Doner, Director of Technical Accounting & Financial Projects,
Optima Specialty Steel & Subsidiaries, Inc.
June 30, 2014

“Those of you in HR will be excited by how Kraemer acknowledges the importance of this function in the organization. He pays particular attention to having the right people in the right places and in developing talent. If you’re trying to sell someone on the value of a 360° review, you’ll find plenty of support in the book. If you’re in an accounting field you may be inspired by his personal stories of advancement from that field into the C-suite. If you’re a commanding or pioneering leader, you’ll likely find some of your assumptions about leadership challenged.”

Kristeen Bullwinkle and the DiSCP Profile.com Team
February 13, 2014

“I was very much impressed with your speech to the class on November 1st, 2013. I have been waiting to write to you after reading your book. Your book is simpler than your speech. The words self reflection, balance, self confidence and humility looks to be simple, but I learned the true effect of them through your book. The way you aligned these quality towards leadership needs and taking it through it’s application and impact on the organization context was marvelous. The explanation of your own examples and situations made the concept to be understood very easily. The take away from your writing are valuable and easy to adopt. You have presented the leadership skills in a very practical and applicable way. I will recommend this book to my peers and friends.”

Sivakumar (Shiv) Chinniah, VP of Operations & Supply Chain,
Wockhardt North & South America
November 28, 2013

“I recently received a copy of your book, From Values to Action. I have read quite a few management/leadership books over the years, and found yours to be unusually memorable and inspiring. I recall the Harvard Business School dean asserting every year at graduation that, over the course of human history, no institution has done more to improve the lives of mankind than business. Business leadership should be a noble calling, and your book lays out a clear commitment to reject the false choice of profit vs. people in favor of a values-based approach that achieves both.”

Jamie Millar, President, SkyBridge Associates, LLC
October 26, 2013

“I am writing to tell you that your “From Values to Action…” book was mentioned at the Clinton Global Initiative America meeting this past June. Economic and Social Mobility”, Laysha Ward, president of community relations for Target, referred to your book in her remarks. This gave me another opportunity to tell you how fortunate I feel to have had the privilege of learning from you.”

Yelena Edelstein, Kellogg Alumna, CEO and Founder,
Galea Consulting Group
August 2, 2013

“I would recommend this book to anyone at any level and in any type of organization: for profit, not for profit, academic, or family unit. The book is easy to read, practical, and interesting. I had the pleasure of hearing the author speak in person at my company and the book as well as his presentation were excellent.”

Emilia (Amazon.com review)
June 5, 2013

“A wonderful book, very well written, that emphasizes the core importance of ethics and values when conceiving a business strategy. I’m using it in my courses.”

Moisés Fry Sznifer, Professor of Strategy, Getulio Vargas
Business School São Paulo (Amazon.com review)
March 5, 2013

”Harry provided what I consider to be the best presentation on value based management that I’ve ever seen.”

“The 2nd day with Harry was awesome. Really gave me specific items to take back and integrate.”

“Harry was very effective; he was energetic, funny, engaging, inspirational and he used examples, analogies and experience.”

”Harry was by far the most valuable piece of all of LWD. I can’t wait to take this back and start implementing ASAP.”

“Excellent addition to the program and very well put together.”

”The absolute best segment ever!!!”

”I’m diving into the book, ASAP. Excellent presentation.”

”Great speaker! One of the best of ALL LWD sessions. Thank you!“

AT&T Managers at Harry’s Presentation in San Francisco
March 1, 2013

“At Charmm’d, we constantly reflect on our organization’s values and our personal values. When Harry spoke on Wednesday, he asked the audience to think about what we value and encouraged us to reflect on those values often. … What are your values? Do your values guide how you use your 168 hours each week? How do you engage in self-reflection? If you want to know more, read Harry’s book, “From Values to Action” which offers sage advice on leadership by emphasizing four principles: self-reflection, life balance, seeking true self-confidence and expressing genuine humility. By focusing on these four principles, he then encourages readers to be intentional about putting their values into action. Be mindful and do something!”

Ashley Ward
January 18, 2013

“Kraemer is authentic; his energy is contagious, and he looks younger than his 57 years. Perhaps that’s what happens when you make a habit of reflecting, doing your best, and doing the right thing. After all, what would you have to worry about?”

Joe Frontiera & Dan Leidl, Good Business New York
November 16, 2012

“It is very refreshing to read a business book written for the reader who may be steeped in the business world or just getting started (I have been steeped in it and recently exited). Harry’s focus is on the reader (what are your strengths and personal traits) and not on business principles that may be broadly applicable but miss the personal perspective. As most businesses are run by humans, this is a big miss! Harry is often personal in his ideas and musing and speaks from a perspective of a CEO who never forgot his “roots” in the cubicle. He keeps the focus balanced on the need for strategy and the need for a coherent team approach to execute it. This is a book with excellent balance of the needs of the individual and the workplace, a balance that can help build a sustaining organization.”

Kevin Murphy, San Diego, CA
(Amazon.com review)
October 10, 2012

“Harry, I am a 2001 Kellogg Graduate and I absolutely loved your book. It is the one book that I took copious notes in regarding how I will apply the concepts that you shared. I am writing you because the Senior Executive of BMO Harris Bank has elected to use this book with the Business Banking Leadership team as our first Leadership Book Club book and I would love to invite you to lunch (if you might be available) to meet the leadership team.”

Leslie J. Anderson, Commercial Banking SVP, Managing Director,
BMO Harris Bank N.A
August 15, 2012

“Harry, it was great to meet and talk with you during The Leadership Challenge Forum. Your story and book are fascinating! Congratulations! As I mentioned to you, I found your book and read it eagerly early this year. I conduct a leadership course for 80 senior Army Medical Officers in April so I bought 100 copies and gave each of them a copy for their reading pleasure. I’m sure these Officers will find this book as fascinating and useful as I did. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. I look forward to talking to you in the future.”

Jody R. Rogers, PhD, FACHE Visiting Professor, Trinity University
Certified Master Facilitator, The Leadership Challenge
August 9, 2012

“I enjoyed this book immensely. Harry Kraemer is too rare a bird in the Fortune 500 world. He talks about values-driven leadership as a business strength, in addition to providing a societal benefit. I would have loved to work for Harry, particularly as a fresh grad.”

Jess Jankowski (Amazon.com review)
July 14, 2012

“Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to attend a Thrive Community event at the now Willis Tower (Sears Tower) in downtown Chicago where Harry Kraemer spoke about value based leadership from his book called, “From Values to Action.” … Using all four principles in our daily lives will help us become meaningful leaders and catalysts for change in a world where change is desperately needed. I encourage you to read the book, as I will, in order to gain a deeper understanding of what it means to become a values-based leader.”

Jennifer Mejia, Toward a Better World
June 22, 2012

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