Category: Self Reflection

My Way or the Highway

I had dinner with a new colleague a couple nights ago. The dinner discussion was probably similar to those that many of you have with friends or acquaintances. We shared our backgrounds, family history, hobbies, and then the conversation turned to current events and the political environment in the US. This led to one of my favorite topics: “Why have our personal views and beliefs become so polarized, and what positive steps can we take to improve the relationship we have with one another?”

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Am I Really Getting Older…?

This may sound crazy, but I honestly don’t feel much different than when I was 25 years old and graduating from Kellogg. I have been very fortune to stay healthy, exercise often, take no medications, and have had no major surgeries or broken bones since birth 😳🙏. However, each of my five children has assured me that I am getting older, and after doing some serious SELF REFLECTION, I am starting to realize they may be right!

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Becoming a Global Leader

One piece of advice I give to my Northwestern Kellogg students (as well as my children but not sure I get their attention 😉) is the importance of reading as broad an array of books as possible on a consistent basis. And to be clear, I am not talking about business books. Yes, if you are in business, it is a good idea to know the business basics. However, if you are interested in becoming a well-rounded global leader, I believe it is critical to have a broad understanding of history, political science, religion, philosophy — in fact all of the liberal arts.

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Humility, Love, and Service Leadership

I had the opportunity this weekend to participate in the Coaches 100 annual meeting in Nashville, TN. There were several amazing speakers and panelists, and as usual, I took a lot of notes. I will highlight some of the talks in future posts, but I wanted to highlight in this post comments from Alan Mulally, the retired CEO of Ford Motor Company and Boeing Commercial Airlines. Alan is an excellent example of what I believe is a true values-based leader, and a special friend.

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A “Father’s Day” Wish

One of my daughters asked me what I would like for a Father’s Day present, and rather than thinking of material things, it caused me to become a little “self reflective” (I’m sure that is not a surprise to many of you who know me 😉). After thinking about the question, I realized the best gift I could receive would be everyone helping each other to “Bridge the Divide.” Let me explain.

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