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How the Secret to Good Leadership Can Help Your Life, Too (Article)

Most people assign themselves far too many tasks than they can accomplish, Harry writes in his recent article for Training Industry. Then, feeling time-bankrupt, they decide the only way to do everything is to go faster. They confuse activity and productivity, leading them to believe multitasking is the answer. The reality, however, is that they’re more distracted than ever and

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The Secret to Great Leadership Is in How You Choose to Spend Your Time (Article)

“One of the greatest failures a leader can be guilty of is not knowing why they lead. Before leaders can become inspiring and motivating examples to others, they must clarify who they are as a leader, and why they chose to put themselves into a leadership role,” writes Marcel Schwantes in his article. “This is an exercise of reaching

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Antidote to Uncertainty? Manage The 4 Time Traps (Article)

By Harry Kraemer Jr. and Sandy Ogg The significant uncertainty and chaos created by COVID-19 have dramatically impacted the global economy. Even before the virus hit, CEOs were more pessimistic and less confident about the future revenues of their companies than even a mere two years ago. We believe the wisest business response involves anticipating what will be valued tomorrow—and

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How Self-Reflection Can Make You a Better Leader (Article)

Harry shares a timely update on his article on self-reflection in KelloggInsight: Your company’s new product launch is on hold indefinitely. Your entire team is under shelter-in-place orders. And your own makeshift “home office” resembles a second-grade science experiment run amok. As you frantically react to the global COVID-19 pandemic, are you in the mood to reflect on your larger

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Leading in Challenging Times with Harry Kraemer (Webinar)

Wednesday, April 29th 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM CT Navigate through the four principles of values-based leadership with featured speaker, Harry Kraemer, as we explore how to lead ourselves and communities through the COVID-19 crisis. In today’s uncertain and unprecedented circumstances, our leaders are now being challenged to adapt and succeed like never before. In this webinar, Harry Kraemer will

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