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Leadership Lessons from Liz Truss’s Downfall (Article)

Harry recently shared his thoughts with Kellogg Insight on what led to Liz Truss’s failure as the former Prime Minister of Great Britain: Anyone stepping into a new leadership role is likely dreaming of early successes. You walk in, make some exciting changes, improve the way the organization operates, and immediately earn the trust and respect of your team. But,

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‘Value’ proposition: Ex-CEO on how Chicago can woo new jobs (Article)

David Roeder of the Chicago Sun Times recently spoke with Harry about how Chicago might attract new jobs and companies to the city: Harry Kraemer Jr. occupies a world of complexity and close calls, nuances and competing interests. It’s a good thing he’s in academia and not politics. A professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, Kraemer has insight

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What Makes Zelensky Such a Strong Leader? (Article)

In this edition of “The Insightful Leader” by Kellogg Insight, Harry shares his views on what makes Ukraine’s President Zelensky a strong leader: We’re going to look at leadership through a pretty bleak prism today: the war in Ukraine. The destruction and suffering in Ukraine has been horrifying to watch. But perhaps equally riveting has been the bravery and defiance

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Directors Forum Conference 2022

Join Harry and other leaders for the 17th Annual Directors Forum Conference this week! In our constantly changing reality, and with increasingly stringent regulations and requirements, directors, management and investors must now lead their organizations through uncertainty in uncharted territory. CDF’s 17th annual conference – held in partnership with the University of California Berkeley Center for Law and Business –

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Overcoming Change Management with Great Leadership (Podcast)

Change management is the tilting point of every M&A deal. Preserving the value that you just acquired is dependent on how you retain key employees. In this episode of the M&A science podcast, Harry talks about how effective leadership helps overcome change management challenges. Listen in and learn about: how leaders can help retention the importance of feedback mechanisms how

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