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WHEN IS IT TOO MUCH TO TOLERATE? IF EVER, NOW. . Given the craziness of U.S. politics over the past several years, I avoid addressing the topic very often in my writing. This doesn’t mean I ignore what’s happening in our country; frankly, it’s impossible to. However, I try not to “take sides,” and I strive to look at issues from a “balanced perspective,” seeking to understand ALL sides. I give people the benefit of the doubt and avoid jumping to conclusions. Nevertheless, I recognize that in our increasingly polarized political environment even an attempt at a balanced view can be misinterpreted, and so I tend to keep my opinions on political matters to myself. However, there are times when I simply cannot keep quiet. . Read full post on my blog; link in bio . . #valuesbasedleadership #fromvaluestoaction #trump #presidenttrump #enoughisenough #leadership #thoseguys #selfreflection
Greetings from Lisbon, Portugal! 🇵🇹 . One of the great things about giving leadership talks and presentations to organizations and associations around the world to benefit the work of the @oneacrefund is that I have the opportunity to visit many amazing places. . This past Sunday I traveled to Lisbon for meetings with the Jerónimo Martins company, an amazing organization with operations in Portugal, Poland and Colombia. There I had the chance to take a tour around the city. . . #portugal #lisbon #valuesbasedleadership #vbl #businesstravel #oneacrefund #workhardplayhard
Like many people my age around the world, July 20, 1969, is one of the days I will never forget. I was 14 years old and had just graduated from the 8th grade at Our Lady of Peace grade school in Clarks Summit, PA. My Dad decided to take the family on our longest road trip, from Clark’s Summit to Denver, Colorado. For a kid who had never been anywhere beside NY and PA, this was a BIG DEAL!! We were going to see a lot of states and the Rocky Mountains!!! . . Read the full post on my blog. Link in bio 😊 . . #moonlanding #onesmallstep #onegiantleap #neilarmstrong #apollo11 #apollo11anniversary #manonthemoon #moonshot