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A great example of stepping up and becoming #thoseguys recently came to my attention through a student in one of my @kelloggschool EMBA classes, Max Barr @barrmax of EMBA113. Max called me last month and explained that he and several of his colleagues in the #dominicanrepublic wanted to help family and private companies find opportunities to participate in the capital markets. This led to my first visit to the country and a very productive — and fun! — few days! . . Read the full post on my blog. Link in bio 😊 . . #dominicanrepublic #valuesbasedleadership #valuestoaction #kelloggemba #kelloggschoolofmanagement
First trip to Dominican Republic. Max Barr of Alphaws, one of my @kelloggschool EMBA students, and his colleagues invited me here for several talks 😃 . . #dominicanrepublic #valuesbasedleadership #fromvaluestoaction #emba #mba #kelloggemba #travel #worktravel #businessschool
WHEN IS IT TOO MUCH TO TOLERATE? IF EVER, NOW. . Given the craziness of U.S. politics over the past several years, I avoid addressing the topic very often in my writing. This doesn’t mean I ignore what’s happening in our country; frankly, it’s impossible to. However, I try not to “take sides,” and I strive to look at issues from a “balanced perspective,” seeking to understand ALL sides. I give people the benefit of the doubt and avoid jumping to conclusions. Nevertheless, I recognize that in our increasingly polarized political environment even an attempt at a balanced view can be misinterpreted, and so I tend to keep my opinions on political matters to myself. However, there are times when I simply cannot keep quiet. . Read full post on my blog; link in bio . . #valuesbasedleadership #fromvaluestoaction #trump #presidenttrump #enoughisenough #leadership #thoseguys #selfreflection