I realize that I am a very fortunate fellow. I truly love teaching, especially any aspect of VALUES-BASED LEADERSHIP! It is very clear to me that one thing we clearly need everywhere in the world, including government, business, education, and religious institutions is more VALUES-BASED LEADERS.

I often mention to the Kellogg dean that having the opportunity to make a small positive impact on future leaders is an honor and a blessing. I hope to teach at least another 20 years!!🥳

In addition to my Kellogg classes for the full time, part time, and Executive MBA classes, I try to give at least two leadership talks and seminars each week to companies, non-profit organizations, schools, and associations (basically anyone looking for a speaker for values-based leadership). Instead of asking for a speaker fee, I request they make a donation to the One Acre Fund in Africa.

Last week was no exception. I had the opportunity to give presentations to two different groups at McDonalds. One was for Tabassum Zalotrawala, the Chief Development Officer, and her team, and the other was for one of my former students, Joe Chiczewski, VP for the McDonald’s Stamford Field Office, and his team. The energy level and engagement of both groups was contagious! I even got to take a picture with Ronald McDonald and some members of Joe’s team!

On the personal front: Guess what August 9th was?? Give up? …..It was Julie and my 43rd wedding anniversary. I know what you are thinking: How could a guy who is only 39 years old have a 43rd wedding anniversary?!?! If it sounds confusing, several of my friends explained that it has something to do with Albert Einstein, relatively, and the space-time continuum. (I was never good at physics, so I am not sure I totally understand)🤣

So what’s the best way to celebrate your anniversary? For us, that was obvious. We went to see THE BOSS, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, perform at Wrigley Field!!! Even at 74 years old, Bruce and the Band performed for three hours non-stop!!!! What a show!!!🤩