As most of you know, one of the four principles I advocate is “Balance:” Through the good and the bad, the frustrations and the achievements, it’s always important to maintain balance. For me, spending quality time with my family is a key part of maintaining balance in my life. And given how much my family and I love the Chicago Cubs, catching a ballgame together at Wrigley Field is one of our favorite pastimes. My family and I planned to go to Wrigley Field for a Chicago Cubs ballgame two Sundays ago, but the game was canceled due to 5 inches of snow!!!! (Yes, I did say it snowed 5 inches of snow on April 14th!!!). Well, seven days can make a very big difference in Chicago’s weather…! So a week later, we once again headed on the “L” train down to Wrigley Field. Would you believe it was 73 degrees and sunny?!

And what a game! The Cubbies led 1-0 at the end of 8 innings. However, the Diamondbacks hit a home run in the top of the 9th inning to tie it up. Things started getting very tense, but Javier Baez hit a lead off triple in the bottom of the 9th (his second triple of the game), and scored the winning run on the next play!! Wrigley went crazy, and so did we!!!

Okay, I will admit that Julie and I get a little carried away at baseball games 😉

After eating hot dogs, popcorn and nachos during the game, you would think we were done. However, Shannon and Daniel decided that we needed to make one more stop. Okay, I will admit I also participated😁

Here’s hoping the Cubbies and Chicago weather both continue a winning streak!!!