Never a Dull Moment at Northwestern!

I love teaching at Northwestern Kellogg, and I must say, there is never a dull moment. There are always a million things going on. The challenge is figuring out where to go and when! My students apparently even have a term for it: FOMO — Fear of Missing Out!

Here’s just a few recent activities:

The Northwestern School of Communication’s CommFest was an amazing variety show with Northwestern alums including Stephen Colbert and Tony Roberts. The dancing and singing were remarkable!

I also had a chance to attend the Kellogg 90’s band party. The band included one of my leadership class students, Michael Johnson, playing a mean guitar and singing up a storm!

The Kellogg reunion is always a fantastic time to see former students. Here’s a picture of some of the famous (or is it infamous?) folks from EMP 69.

EMP folks: Jimmy Kouris, Tom Newell, Kevin Cassidy, Scott Witz, and Harsh Mamgain

Also, the Kellogg Women’s Leadership Summit was a fantastic event!!! Excellent speakers and panels. During one of the breaks, I had a chance to visit with some of the fantastic women in EMP106!!!!

Here’s wishing everyone a fantastic week!

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