Greetings from Jakarta! I am spending two days here before teaching in the Kellogg-HKUST executive MBA program this coming weekend in Hong Kong.

image4I had the opportunity to spend time on Sunday with Kellogg and K-HKUST alums at the Jakarta offices of Catalyst Strategy, a very innovative marketing firm founded by Farina Situmorang, a Kellogg alum. We spent several hours discussing values-based leadership and the management challenges in Asia. I must add that I received MANY questions regarding “What’s going on with your U.S. political system?” (Not an easy one to explain 😉 )

As you can see from the following pictures, the atmosphere at Catalyst Strategy is very inviting with toys, soft cushions, and a “playground” where the team members can interact. The focus on self reflection and becoming more self aware is highlighted by the drawings on the walls, including responses to the question “Why am I here?”. Since it is Chinese New Year, note the drawing of the “Year of the Rooster”. You can find additional info on Catalyst Strategy at


Wilson Pranoto, a KH alum and good friend, is a member of the Indonesian YPO (Young President’s Organization). On Monday I had the opportunity to give a four-hour seminar on values-based leadership to their leadership group and spouses. The group was highly interactive (with a lot of Q&O…questions and opinions). It was very interesting to see the similarity in issues and challenges to those in the U.S., Europe and Latin America; the need for leaders to clearly define their values, set clear direction, set clear expectations with accountability, the critical need for feedback, and being able to “lead up” when dealing with ineffective bosses.img-20170206-wa0031

I am now on my way to Bali and Hong Kong….stay tuned!