I must admit, Bali was not a place I thought I would have the opportunity to visit this year. I knew it was in Indonesia, and I remember seeing the Broadway musical “South Pacific,” but that was about the extent of my familiarity with the island.

Last year I gave a lecture at a MarkPlus event in Jakarta, and Mr. Kartajaya Hermawan, the Chairman, invited me to visit Bali on my next trip to Asia. He is one of the co-authors with Professor Philip Kotler of “Marketing 3.0“, and the Museum of Marketing 3.0 is located at the Museum Puri Lukisan in Bali.

So, on my way from giving talks in Jakarta (see my prior post) to teaching this weekend in the Kellogg-HKUST EMBA program, I spent two “fun days” in Bali with my eldest daughter, Suzie, who was on her way to visit friends in Shanghai…..boy, the world is sure getting smaller!!


With my daughter, Suzie


With Fancy Brown (middle)

Fancy Brown, the head of the Marketing Museum took us to visit the Pita Maha Resort in Ubud and also to the museum. The museum has wonderful exhibits of the history of marketing and active learning stations for students and adult visitors.

In addition, we had the opportunity to visit the King of Ubud-Bali, Dr. Tjokorda Gde Putra Sukawati. We had a great discussion on the leadership challenges of working to improve the Bali economy and at the same time, maintaining the culture and history of this remarkable island.


Some “monkeying around”

If that wasn’t enough, Fancy and her colleague took us to visit the rice fields, a coffee plantation, AND the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. A truly memorable trip!!

Okay, now I’m in Hong Kong to teach my “Leading a Global Company” class at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology for the Kellogg-HKUST EMBA program. This is my third year teaching in this amazing program, which is ranked by the Financial Times as the #1 EMBA program in the world!!

With the King of Ubud-Bali, Dr. Tjokorda Gde Putra Sukawati