As I often remind folks, every week has 168 hours (I sometimes tease that those not good at multiplication refer to it as 24/7) 😉. By definition each of us has 168 hours every week — the key is how we spend them.

Some weeks have a few good things happening. For me, this week was a great one — almost hard to believe it all happened in one week!

It started last Sunday when I flew to Dallas and had the opportunity to spend the evening with the Kellogg Dallas Alumni Club, a really fantastic group. I led a discussion best described as “demystifying private equity”: what private equity is, how it got started, how it works, and the lessons from it that can be applied to different industries (a video of a similar session I gave at the Kellogg Alumni Club of Chicago back in February is available here in case you’re interested in checking it out).

I then went to Deloitte University (DU) on Monday in Westlake, Texas and had the opportunity to make presentations on values-based leadership to senior executives. DU is an amazing facility, and I teach a class there almost every quarter.

After flying back to Chicago, I prepared to start my spring term class on leadership to the evening/weekend Kellogg students at the downtown campus at Wieboldt Hall on Wednesday night. I have a great class with two wonderful student liaisons!

Early Thursday morning I flew down to New Orleans to make a presentation at the annual National Center for Education Research & Technology (NCERT) meeting. In addition to enjoying meeting with school superintendents from around the country, I had the pleasure of joining them at their Thursday evening gala at The National World War II Museum. For a guy who loves history, it is an amazing place and is considered the most interesting World War II museum in the world. In addition to all of the planes and tanks, the entertainment included singers that sounded like the famous Andrew Sisters that my Dad used to love listening to. I highly recommend making a visit to the museum the next time you are in New Orleans!

That may already sound like a great week, but I haven’t gotten to the best part. Want to guess what also happened on Thursday???

Well, it was opening day of the 2023 BASEBALL SEASON!!!! All 30 teams had opening day on Thursday, and guess what, our Chicago Cubbies are in first place!!! As you can see in the below National League standings chart, as of Friday the Cubs were undefeated — with only 161 games left until the playoffs and the World Series!!!😉 (If I sound a little overly optimistic after only one game, it’s because I clearly am overly optimistic. And yes, I know that the standings have changed a bit since Saturday and Sunday, but as a die-hard Cubbie fan, I’ve learned to make the most of it while we’re still ahead! 🤣)

Well, as the famous Chicago Cub Ernie Banks used to say (and I try to repeat almost every day), “It’s a great day for baseball, so let’s play two!” ⚾️😁