Over the past several weeks Harry has been holding virtual speaking sessions with Kellogg alumni worldwide. There are still a few sessions left that anyone is welcome to attend:

Latin America (including Mexico): Tuesday, July 28 – 12:00 pm CT (arrive at 11:45 am)
East Coast: Tuesday, July 28 – 6:00 pm CT (arrive at 5:45 pm)
South: Wednesday, July 29 – 5:00 pm CT (arrive at 4:45 pm)
Europe, Thursday, July 30 – 12:00 pm CT (arrive 11:45 am)

Harry will be sharing content from his new book, Your 168: Finding Purpose and Satisfaction in a Values-Based Life. In his third book, Harry addresses the topic that students and executives have asked him to focus on most: “How does one live a values-based life?”