I have had the opportunity to attend and participate in many graduations over the past 40 years, but the 2019 Northwestern and Kellogg MBA graduations were clearly the most special. Why, you may ask?

Well, at the Northwestern graduation, Andrew Youn, the co-founder of the One Acre Fund that you have heard me mention many, many times received an honorary PhD for all of his and his amazing team’s work to address poverty in Africa!!!

For any of you that have not seen it, here’s a link to a wonderful TED talk Andrew delivered last year.

If that wasn’t amazing enough (I am just getting started 😉 ), Andrew gave the commencement address for the Kellogg graduation that afternoon.

Andrew did a wonderful job! I told him that evening at a barbecue at my house that my goal (God willing) is to continue giving Values-based Leadership talks to companies, associations, colleges, (and any other interested groups) to raise funds for the One Acre Fund for at least the next 20 years!!! 🤗

Okay, now for the best part!!! One of the Kellogg 2019 graduates is my own daughter, Suzie!!!! What an amazing accomplishment!! I am so proud of her. Since I was on the stage as a professor, I was able to shake her hand when she came up to receive her degree!!!

Here’s video of Suzie walking across stage and I giving her a hug:

We had almost 30 Kraemer and Jansen relatives come to Chicago for the graduation celebration. Well, when the graduation ceremonies were all over on Friday evening, that left one remaining question: What would the 30 of us do on Saturday with everyone in town? Well, being big baseball fans and finding ourselves in the best baseball town in the world, the answer was obvious — we all went to the Chicago Cubs game!!!!!

Until next time! 😀