My social media partner (and part time boss 😉 ), Khalid Ali, reminded me that I promised to send out a blog post every week, and I am clearly behind. While I have no good excuses, I must say getting all of my Kellogg grades submitted for my evening MBA students and the EMBA classes in Evanston (112) and Miami (113), and serving on ten boards had me a little distracted…! 😉

Well, the past few weeks were a lot of fun. We had the Kellogg EMBA graduation on June 15 in Evanston, and the parties for both EMBA 112 and 113 were fantastic!! The EMBA 113 class had several guys dress up in Top Gun outfits during our last class, and they even gave outfits to Greg Hanifee and me! Greg and I promised to wear them and send pictures……Greg, we DO need to do this!!

And here’s a picture from one of the EMBA parties:
Then I learned that I had been chosen as the Top Professor by EMBA 113 — a truly incredible and humbling honor!

I gave a short talk at their graduation on the importance of life balance, using the story of “Rocks, Pebbles and Sand,” borrowing from the well-known story attributed to a philosophy professor. You can watch a version of it here.

I also encouraged the graduates to never ever forget this day. It is truly amazing how fast time goes by. Hard to believe but just last month I celebrated my 40th Kellogg reunion! (By the way, I’m still puzzling over how that’s possible given that I am only 39 years old!!!)

One of the students video recorded my talk, so here it is:

I will send another blog post in the next few days regarding the full time Northwestern and Kellogg MBA graduations.

Wishing everyone a great summer so far!!