A Remarkable Family Christmas Vacation

I am fortunate to know Father Rocky Hoffman, the head of Relevant Radio, a wonderful nationwide Christian radio network. I participate in Relevant Radio’s show “Morning Air” the first Monday of every month. You can find info and archives of some of my podcasts from the show here.

Here’s the remarkable news!! Father Rocky invited Julie, myself, and our entire family to join him on an 11-day trip to the Holy Land, starting with Christmas mass in Bethlehem! And what a trip it is!!!

Here are a few pictures from the mass we attended in the Shepherd’s cave on Christmas morning.

And here’s a picture of our family with Father Rocky!

We also visited the Jordan River where St. John the Baptist baptized Jesus:

We also visited the Dead Sea. I did not realize that the Dead Sea is the lowest elevation on earth and the water holds nearly ten times the amount of salt as the ocean!! We were told it was therapeutic to float in the water and use the mud to refresh your skin. I decided I was not going to participate, but my family had other ideas……😉

Well, today we are headed up to northern Israel to visit Galilee…..I will send another update in a few days.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful holiday season!!!


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