From near priesthood to CEO of Baxter and now professor at the Kellogg School of Management, a recent profile piece by the Northwestern Office for Research delves into Harry’s upbringing and explores what makes him tick:


It’s midnight and the house is quiet. Harry Kraemer Jr. is sitting in his study, reflecting on the day’s events — good, bad, indifferent—and filling a journal with his observations.

He’s done this most evenings for years, even back when his five children were all still at home here in Wilmette, Illinois; even when he was chairman and CEO of Baxter International, then a $9 billion global healthcare firm with more than 50,000 employees in 100 countries. He works it in now despite busy days as an executive partner at Madison Dearborn, the Chicago-based private equity firm he joined in 2005, after 23 years with Baxter. The notebook is part of a disciplined routine and values-based leadership model that Kraemer extols in his books, blog, and at the Kellogg School of Management, his alma mater, where he teaches in the MBA and Executive MBA programs.

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