Four Essentials for Your Values-Based Leadership Toolbox

“To lead is to influence others. Values-based leadership takes it a step further, seeking to influence others according to a set of values. When leaders and their organizations are grounded in the values-based approach of doing the right thing, everyone can benefit.”

Read Harry’s full article that appeared in the CEO Briefing Newsletter a few days ago.



  • Very interesting, Harry. And as you always did at Baxter , you are keeping the process simple and accessible.
    Each of these “tools” seem quite inter-dependent . And no Team can enjoy its true potential without the “Captain” living those ” Key Principles” .
    I suspect that the hardest of the Principles to practice must be Self Reflection/Self Awareness.Get that right, & into play, and the other important principles should fall into place.
    Keeping to a theme of keeping it simple, a good (easy?) way to start the difficult Self Reflection process might be to ask oneself the question : ” Am I treating those around me, as I would want to be treated? “. The answer is always revealing.


    • HI Ged,

      Thanks for the message….you summed it up well…..think of what the world would be like if everyone asked themselves that question: ” Am I treating those around me, as I would want to be treated? “. !!!!!! regards, Harry


  • The link to the article is not working.


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