Like many people around the world, I spent some time over the weekend reflecting on “9-11.” Even though it was 13 years ago, it is interesting how even saying those two numbers “9 – 11” causes a flood of memories to instantly come to mind as if September 11, 2001 happened yesterday.

We all remember exactly where we were when the planes hit into the Twin Towers.  I was driving Shannon, our 7-year-old, to St. Joseph’s School for her second grade class when I heard the news on the radio.  I didn’t want to alarm her, so I tried to stay quiet, but she quickly saw the expression on my face. I tried to control myself, but when she asked me, “Dad, what’s going to happen to all those people on the plane?”, my voice started to shake as I told her, “Honey, we need to say a prayer for everyone on the planes and in those buildings.”  I took her into school, and then parked my car a block away to say a few more prayers.

I then immediately drove to Baxter, making calls along the way to make sure our 52,000 Baxter team members around the world were safe.  It took several days before we could reach everyone, but fortunately, everyone was okay. As a healthcare company, it was wonderful to see the tremendous efforts made by Baxter teammates to get products and services immediately to all of the hospitals in the New York area……wonderful examples of people being totally focused on “doing the right thing.”