Khalid Ali, my former Kellogg student, good friend, and communications partner, has encouraged me to write a blog post EVERY Sunday that we publish every Monday. Khalid has advised me that the posts shouldn’t be too long, maybe around 500 words max. Well, given the famous saying “a picture is worth 1,000 words,” I can save time this week with a picture that may be worth a million words (okay, I realize I am VERY biased): I want to introduce you to my first grandchild, HARRISON THOMAS CLARK, who entered the world 7 days ago!!!

I now realize that everyone that told me being a grandparent is the greatest thing in life is right!!!

So far, in my case, being a grandfather is MUCH easier than being the father of 5 children. As one friend told me, “as a grandparent, you have all the fun and none of the responsibilities of being a parent.”

Another friend summed it up a little more jokingly, “Harry, if I had known how great it was to be a grandparent, I would have skipped the father part.”

Julie and I are very lucky that even though Suzie and Casey live in Boston, they are going to live with us for several months during their parental leave!!! Life doesn’t get better than this. ❤️❤️