Hello everyone! Well, against all odds, I finished grading all my students’ papers and submitted them by the deadline for all four of my classes: my “Values Based Leadership” class for the full time MBA students, my “Executive Perspectives on Leadership” class for the EMBA students in Chicago and Miami, and my “Leading a Global Organization” class for the Kellogg HKUST students in Hong Kong.

Regarding teaching, I have good news and bad news:
Good news: On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest), I rate the enjoyment of teaching an 11!!! I told Dean Cornelli that I hoped to be able to teach the next 20 years! 🙏🙏🙏

Bad news: Grading papers and submitting grades is a ZERO…! However, I was taught that I definitely should not complain; as my grandfather used to remind me when I complained about my job, “Harry, that’s why they call it work!!!” 😉

More good news: After our last class last week, many of the students joined me and Professor Apatoff for pizza and drinks at “Bob’s Famous Pizza” in Evanston. It is always fun getting to know the students outside of class.

Since Spring classes don’t start for nine days, several of our children decided that Julie and I should meet them in Europe. So the family connections got moving quickly. Since Daniel is studying in Rome this semester, Shannon is working in London, and Suzie and Casey are working in Boston, the decision was to meet in Paris. As you may have heard, there are a lot of ongoing strikes in France since the government decided to increase the retirement age from 62 to 64. That means there is a lot of garbage in the streets (waste removal unions are part of the strike), but that did not slow us down. We are averaging almost 20,000 steps each day!

I had read that the economy of Europe is in bad shape and that the recessionary impact so far has been much worse there than in the States.  While just walking around Paris is clearly not a good statistical sample for the overall European economy, Paris appears to be thriving. The lines at the Louvre, museums, and restaurants gave me the impression that the economy is doing fairly well!

Since the Kraemer gang is reminding me that it’s time for another walk, I will end my post here. I am including a few pictures below, and wishing you a great week!