13 books Harvard, Kellogg, and other MBA professors are telling students to read this year (Article)

Insider (formerly Business Insider) — the fastest growing online news site — recently highlighted Harry’s book, Your 168, as one of the top 13 books recommended by business school professors:

As the pandemic wears on, you might be considering whether attending business school is the best option for you and your career. To give those who might not be ready financially or mentally to take the leap a taste of what a top program might look like, we spoke to professors at Harvard, Kellogg, and elsewhere to see what books they’re putting on their syllabuses this year. Many touch on topics relevant in today’s environment, such as Big Tech’s influence and dealing with adversity, while others teach core values key to success as a leader, entrepreneur, and professional.

Check out the full article here.

One comment

  • Harry,
    This is terrific and well deserved. I am happy they (Insider) had the good sense to select “Your 168”. It’s critical to do the work of refining and reflecting on our values in a realistic manner. Your latest book does so – in a manner that is simple enough to understand but not a recipe or set of “action steps” that would let each reader (each of us) off the hook of doing the work required.


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