Every week bookseller Porchlight (formerly 800-CEO-READ) highlights five new books their team is most excited about. This week they’ve featured Harry’s new book, Your 168, writing:

[Harry’s] new book is all about time, how much we have of it in a week (168 hours), and how we put it to use. That is, in short, in every day and with every week, how we will spend our lives and make our impact. Where we pour the water of our time, attention, and energy is what will determine what we grow in this life, and it is based upon the values we hold close and dear. We all have the freedom to decide what those values are and how we live by them. Yours may not be the same as mine, and that is fine. What I hope is that we can follow Kraemer’s advice to take time for self-reflection, and to cultivate the balance (not work-life balance, but just life balance, because work is a part of life), self-confidence, and humility to live those values—to lead with those values. We will never be perfect in any of that, but to paraphrase the Soto Zen priest Suzuki Roshi (picked up out of the ChangeThis piece we are publishing this week), we are all already perfect, and we can all use a little improvement. Our time will eventually run out, but we have 168 hours this week to make that improvement for ourselves and others. Reading and heeding the advice of Harry Kraemer can help your values guide you.

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