“The free-market system has always overcome tech-driven economic disruptions and job losses,” writes Harry in a recent article in Crain’s Chicago Business.

“Much has been written and discussed that as a result of constantly expanding technology—including the introduction of driverless cars and 100 percent robotic factories—millions of jobs will be eliminated in the next several years, and the unemployment rate will skyrocket. To many, this trend results in significant pessimism for the future.

Nonetheless, I remain very optimistic. Futurists have predicted significant increases in unemployment for the past 50 years and have consistently been proved wrong.

History has consistently shown that while certain jobs are eliminated, new jobs are created that we never even dreamed of. One of my five children is now working for Wayfair, the e-commerce company that sells furniture and home goods. One is working at a data analysis startup. Another just moved to Australia and is selling solar paneling.

None of these positions existed 10 years ago.”

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Photo by Lukas on Unsplash