One of the great things about giving leadership talks and presentations to organizations and associations around the world to benefit the work of the One Acre Fund is that I have the opportunity to visit many amazing places.

This past Sunday I traveled to Lisbon, Portugal for meetings with the Jerónimo Martins company, an amazing organization with operations in Portugal, Poland and Colombia. There I had the chance to take a tour around the city.

Here are a few fun pictures:

This is the river fort from the 16th century to protect the city.

A view of the entire city of 3 million people.

Here’s a monument to the Portuguese explorers. The third one from the left is Vasco de Gama, the amazing explorer in the 15th century who made it all the way around Africa to India!!

Here’s some info on de Gama:

I will be sending updates at least once a week (okay Khalid!!)

Have a great rest of the week!