I realize many of my blog posts include serious topics, and several of you have wondered: “Harry, what have you been doing for fun?”
So, here we go: A short post about “something fun but sad,” “something fun and fantastic,” and “something fun and surprising!”

Something Fun but Sad

I had the opportunity to see my Chicago Cubs play the Milwaukee Brewers in the National League Central Division playoff game! It was a lot of fun, but, sadly, the Cubbies lost 😢😢😢. I am glad to see the Brewers beat the Rockies, and I am rooting for them to beat the Red Sox in the World Series (I know, that assumes they can first defeat the Dodgers) 🙏.

Something Fun and FANTASTIC!!

I must admit that my favorite recording artist is Bruce Springsteen!!!! If I ever need a lift, listening to the “The Boss and the E Street Band” belt out “Born to Run” and “Waiting on a Sunny Day” gets me jumping around the room.  Listening to Clarence play that amazing sax puts everything in perspective. So, Julie and I were fortunate last week to go to NYC to see “Springsteen on Broadway!” It’s an amazing one man show at the Walter Kerr Theatre; a truly remarkable show in which Bruce sings and tells some of the stories in his “Born to Run” autobiography.
Springsteen was very reflective about his life, his music, and his relationships. He even ended the show by saying the “Our Father!”

Something Fun and Surprising…

One of the companies on whose board I serve is Dentsply Sirona. They held a dental conference a few weeks ago, and the evening entertainment was Katie Perry!!
The surprise was that Julie and I were able to stand close to the stage and meet her after the show!! I confess I didn’t know who Katie Perry was before the show, but she really is fantastic!
Here’s to more fun times ahead! 🙂  Have a great rest of the week!