What Trump Got Wrong About Leadership During the Final Debate (Article)


Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” As an independent — with no allegiance left or right, conservative or liberal, — I rely on values-based leadership principles to indicate how a presidential candidate is likely to deal with tough issues and challenges once in the White House. The role of a leader (especially a president) is to put things into perspective and keep people calm, just as Roosevelt did. And after last night’s final presidential debate, it’s evident that Hillary Clinton would be best at doing just that based on the qualities that I think make the best leaders.

Read Harry’s full article on Fortune here.


  • Sorry Harry – I can’t see how you can identify any values in an individual that has lied over and over again to the US people, FBI and during congressional hearings about her information handling practices of confidential/classified emails. Let’s see some genuine humility and self-reflection on that or Benghazi before we take a simple sound bite from the debate and propose a value based leader.
    It is clear to me the career politicians are the trouble with our country and creates a void of value based principles that fosters the power hungry environment where no one does or says the right thing because they are only looking out for themselves.


  • Daven Morrison MD

    Well said.


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