On my trip to Asia last week, I also had the opportunity to make my first visit to Jakarta, Indonesia, a truly remarkable city.

My host was Mr. Hermawan Kartajaya, the Founder and Chairman of MarkPlus. The firm is the leading marketing consulting firm in Asia, with 18 offices and 300 professionals. Mr. Kartajaya is a close friend of Professor Phillip Kotler of Kellogg, and they have written several books together. I also had the opportunity to meet three Kellogg alums that are in leadership roles at MarkPlus:

I gave a presentation on values-based leadership and the process of “Becoming the Best” to a group of 70 Indonesian business leaders at the MarkPlus headquarters. It was a very engaged group, and I loved the lively interchange on a variety of business issues.

During my stay, the MarkPlus team provided me the opportunity to tour around Jakarta and visit several historic sites and museums in the old city. It gave me a good sense of the history and the impact of the Portuguese and Dutch influence beginning in the 1500’s.

My last night in Jakarta was wonderful. I had the pleasure of having dinner with a group of Kellogg and Kellogg-HKUST alums from a number of years. The interchange and enthusiasm of the group was truly electric!! I cannot wait to return to Jakarta!