Daddy Stress (Article)

Harry talks to Forbes about the challenges of being a CEO and a dad.

“Scene: a noontime seminar on Wall Street. Forty people are crowded into a conference room for a lesson on how to manage the stress of balancing work and family. The instructor is taking the temperature of the room by asking attendees how stressed they are on a scale of 1 to 10. He’s plotting the results on the board. The mercury’s rising. One attendee with preschoolers weighs in at 7. Another with kids between 5 and 12 registers 8. Still another–with teenagers–is at 9.

Uptight moms on their lunch breaks? No. All of the participants are dads. And dads who work at none other than testosterone-laced, me-work-you-stay-home J.P. Morgan & Co.”

Read full article here:

Daddy stress – Forbes (pdf)



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